Report writing

This training pack aims to help readers to: identify the purpose of their written report, plan how and when their report is to be written, structure the report’s content, write accurately, briefly and cleary and make their reports readable and effective.

Resilience and mindfulness workshop

This course will equip delegates with the tools and techniques to build and maintain high levels of personal resilience and support peers to create their own personal coping strategies for managing increased workloads and demands on their capacity.

Saying No

This e-learning looks at why saying no can be difficult, what the consequences are of not saying no, and how to say no effectively.

Understanding & Managing Stress at work

This is a practical one-day course, ideal for practitioners at all levels who wish to better understand the stress response and how this affects us at work. Working together, we will explore a range of stress-management strategies and practise diverse techniques for developing personal resilience at work.

Understanding managing. I’m managing thank you!

This course provides you with a set of ideas for developing your approach to managing your own work through what we might call self-management. The course will examine some of the key processes of management decision making, such as allocating time, staff, physical and financial resources: prioritising and problem solving … Read More

Working in the voluntary sector

This course will introduce you to some of the main activities carried out by volunteers and staff, will give you some background on how different organisations work and will provide you with knowledge and skills you can apply to your own work or volunteering, as well as to your every … Read More