ASA Newsletter – August 2018

WELCOME TO THE AUGUST NEWSLETTER Welcome to the August edition of the Advice Skills Academy newsletter.  This month there’s information on opportunities for you to become a Digital Champion, and information on our exciting new Advice Skills Academy Mentoring Programme. As well as a Learning Story from The Women’s Organisation, … Read More

ASA Newsletter – July 2018

Welcome to the July edition of the Advice Skills Academy newsletter.  This month there’s bitesize learning on The Art of Delegation, Powerpoint SmartArt, and On the Job Learning.  We also have information about ASA Accredited Training. This month it’s the World Day for International Justice on 17 July, and the Liverpool … Read More

ASA Newsletter – June 2018

Welcome to the June edition of the Advice Skills Academy newsletter.  This month there’s bitesize learning on Fixed and Growth Mindsets, Infographics, and the Eisenhower Matrix.  This month it’s the Festival of Learning ‘Have a go’ month, and June also sees Volunteers Week, and Small Charity Week. Advice Skills Academy … Read More

ASA Newsletter – May 2018

Welcome to the May edition of the Advice Skills Academy newsletter. This month we’ve got bitesize learning on the Big Think, Brain Pickings, and another useful IT bitesize – this time it’s 20 Excel tricks. It’s Learning at Work Week during May, and in the same week it’s the first … Read More

ASA Newsletter – April 2018

Welcome to the April edition of the Advice Skills Academy newsletter.  This month we’ve got bitesize learning on Learning to manage your attention, Stretch Assignments, and tips for using Microsoft Word – to help you be a Word whizz. We’ve had feedback from people on our last newsletter, which had … Read More

ASA Newsletter – March 2018

Welcome to the March newsletter. In this months newsletter there are links to Bitesize Learning articles on Managing stress, Managing emails, and some really useful keyboard shortcuts that everybody can learn. Also this month it’s International Women’s Day on 8 March, and the International Day for the elimination of racial … Read More

ASA Newsletter – February 2018

Welcome to the February ASA newsletter. This month we’re making arrangements for delivery of accredited courses, by appointing suppliers for a range of accredited qualifications.  Thanks to all of you who expressed an interest in the accredited learning we could be delivering.  We’ll confirm the subject areas as soon as … Read More

ASA Newsletter – January 2018

Happy New Year to everyone, and best wishes and lots of learning for 2018. This month our programme of training starts with Stay focused, stay well on 18th January and includes: Stay focused, stay well – skills and strategies for managing high workloads in advice services. Take charge of your … Read More

ASA Newsletter – December 2017

Welcome to the December newsletter.  This month we’re: Arranging training dates with the suppliers who tendered for the delivery of training (see dates and details below) Arranging a tender for the delivery of an online resources bank of factsheets and information on a range of issues from personal development to … Read More

ASA Newsletter – November 2017

This is the first newsletter from the Advice Skills Academy project.  The newsletter will be sent out monthly, with updates on learning that’s available, links to blogs, articles and collections of learning, and any key diary dates that are happening in each month. Advice Skills Academy website is Now Live … Read More