Welcome to the March ASA Update  

This month we’ve got information on ASA training, ASA Accredited TrainingBitesize Learning in the form of some Short TED Talks, and Information and Resources on Integrity, and there’s also some information on planning this year’s Learning at Work Week.

Advice Skills Academy Training


Tuesday 12 March 2019


Take Charge of Your Career and Personal Development

Mental Health Awareness for Frontline Workers

Advice Skills Academy Accredited Training

We now have dates for the upcoming 2019 Accredited Training in: 

Leading & Motivating a Team Effectively 

Session 1: 
3rd April (Day 1) & 9th April (Day 2)
Session 2:
30th April (Day 1) & 8th May (Day 2)
Session 3:
14th May (Day 1) & 6th June (Day 2)

Managing workplace projects

(Provisional Dates) 5thJune (Day 1), 11th June (Day 2), 18th June (Day 3)

Workplace Mentoring

20th May (Day 1) & 3rd June (Day 2)

You can download the full PDF Booklet containing further details here

To be eligible to complete the Accredited Training, you must be an ASA Participant and also have the permission of your Line Manager and CEO.   

To book on to the accredited training or if you have any questions regarding the above, email contact@adviceskillsacademy.org.uk

Accredited Training

More learners who have completed their accredited training have received their certificates:

Congratulations to the following:

Ellie, Jo, Leanne, Lisa, Suzanne, and Yan from The Women’s Organisation for completing their ILM Level 3 Unit in Managing Workplace Projects; and to Laura from The Women’s Organisation for completing the ILM Level 3 Unit in Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively.

Marya, Sadia and Victoria from Citizens Advice Liverpool for completing their ILM Level 3 Unit in Managing Workplace projects

Elaine from Citizens Advice St Helens for completing the ILM Level 3 Unit in Managing Workplace Projects; and to Sue for completing the ILM Level 3 Unit in Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively

Chris and Louise from Citizens Advice St Helens for completing the SFJ Awards Level 3 Unit in Providing Initial Legal Advice.

Bitesize Learning

TED Talks that are only 3 to 5 minutes long – TED Talks have created a handy playlist of talks that you can watch in a coffee break.

From ‘8 secrets of success’ to ‘Got a meeting? Take a walk’, these TED Talks can help relieve stress during your working day by helping you take a mental break and making you ready to refocus, and can help you learn a thing or two.

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”    – Bob Marley
Integrity is key to great relationships, better decisions, and leadership. Integrity is defined as being honest, and having strong moral principles or values, and living those values. For a range of information on resources on integrity, including:
  • a worksheet to help improve your integrity skills;
  • a values exercise – to help you identify what values matter the most to you;
  • a worksheet on honesty and integrity; and
  • a range of TED Talks on values, honesty and integrity

Visit the Unimenta website

There are seven skills that will be invaluable in a modern workplace, and in life in general. These ‘soft’ skills can be developed to help you grow and adapt in the workplace, identify other opportunities that would be a good fit for you, and will, in general, help you succeed. The seven skills that we all need are:
  • being proactive
  • adaptability
  • critical thinking
  • empathy
  • integrity
  • optimism
  • resilience
For a range of factsheets, TED Talks, and links on each of the 7 soft skills visit the Unimenta website:


We’re starting to plan this year’s Learning at Work (LAW) Week, which is being held between 13 and 20 May 2019. Learning at Work Week is promoted each year by the Campaign for Learning, and aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work, by getting organisations to take part in organising learning activities at their workplaces.

If you’ve got any ideas for learning activities, or would like to get involved in the planning for ASA Learning at Work Week 2019 activities, then email us at contact@adviceskillsacademy.org.uk

The theme for this year’s Learning at Work Week is ‘Shaping the future’.  The theme has been set to help people think about how we can explore what the future might bring, and what kinds of trends and predictions there might be for our business, work, and life, and what the impact of these might be.

Some of the things that Campaign for Learning suggest for ways of organising learning activities on the theme include:

Future Ready

How can we build and enhance learning cultures which help us to shape, adapt and be resilient to change? How can we motivate ourselves and others to be continual lifelong learners so we are ready to deal with challenges and benefit from opportunities?

Some ideas for activities:

  • Learnfest: Celebrate all types of learning with one minute, five minute and longer bite size sessions with colleagues teaching and learning from each other face to face, online, via video and social media.                                               
  • Learning Matters: Talks and Q&As by leaders and senior managers on how they’ve dealt with and deal with change, how continual learning can help and how they learn to keep up to speed.

Future Active

How can we actively shape our individual, collective and organisational futures through learning? How can we cultivate the sharing of experiences and collaboration to identify challenges and opportunities? How can we design activities to generate new ideas for business, work and life?

Some ideas for activities:

  • Design the Future: arrange co-design workshops with colleagues and users across the business. Use them to identify and understand problems and generate ideas and prototypes for new products, new services and new designs for learning.
  • Essentials: Provide opportunities for colleagues to gain and brush up on the essentials in maths, English and digital skills to enhance future learning and development.
  • Learning journeys: broaden colleague’s perspectives of how they might develop at work by promoting internal career pathways (across and up) the organisation. Arrange careers conversations to discuss being skilled for the future. Ask former apprentices to talk about their learning journeys with new apprentices.
  • Knowledge Exchange: arrange knowledge exchange seminars with research organisations to discuss theory, latest research and practice in relevant fields for your organisation.

For more information on Learning at Work Week 2019, visit the Campaign for Learning website.