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What do Arianna Huffington and a former FBI Hostage Negotiator have in common?

They’ve both taken part in Professor Adam Grant’s podcast for TED, called WorkLife.

Adam Grant is an American Organisational Psychologist who is interested in how to make work better for people. His podcasts have interviews and discussions on things like ‘Networking for people who hate networking’, ‘The perils of following your career passion’, and ‘When work takes over your life’.

Ranging between 30 to 40 minutes, these TED (audio only) podcasts can provide a great way to switch off from work in your lunchtime. With interviews and contributions from people who are trying to do things a little bit differently in the workplace, as well as other psychologists, the podcasts provide an easy way to start thinking outside the box about the world of work.

If you like the podcasts, then why not check out some of Adam Grant’s articles:

An article on how to deal with burnout – burnout was recently recognised by the World Health organisation (WHO) – by dealing with your To-Do Lists.

This article describes how limiting your work in progress (WIP) by setting a limit for how many things you’ll be actively working on, and sticking to the limit – using post it notes can help deal with To Do Lists that are too long, and burnout that can leave people feeling unable to tackle even simple, straightforward tasks.

How to tackle your To-Do Lists (The Guardian)