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Open Learn has a wide range of courses that are free to do. From introductory courses, to intermediate and even advanced courses, Open Learn is an exciting way to help you keep learning all year round.

You can choose from courses on how teams work, managing, making speeches, planning projects, creativity and innovation, psychology, politics, learning a language, history, the arts, getting started with online learning, and much, much more.

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April is national Stress Awareness Month.  We’ve covered stress a few times in the ASA Bitesizes, but we wanted to flag up some useful websites and resources again, to help people stop and think about their stress levels – think of it as your annual stress test.

Work-related stress results in about 12 million working days being lost each year in the UK, and can lead to physical health problems like heart disease, problems with your immune system, insomnia and digestive problems.

74% of people in the UK have felt so stressed over the last year that they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

This NHS Moodzone webpage has information on 10 stress busting approaches to help you reduce your stress levels, and to help your stress from getting unmanageable.

Recognising that you’re stressed can be difficult to do – especially with work-related stress. Take this stress test to find out how stressed you are:

For more information on things that can help your stress levels, have a look at our Bitesize Learning - Workplace Wellbeing section for links to useful websites and resources.