Ongoing monitoring and feedback and annual review

Monitor progress towards achieving learning and development objectives, provide feedback to ASA project team and review all Learning and Development plans at least every 12 months.

At the point where individual staff learning and development plans are agreed, a decision should be made as to how and when progress against the plan will be monitored.

Whatever type of monitoring is decided upon should enable:

  • Individual staff to take responsibility for their own learning and development and to reflect on any progress made and any new learning and development needs that may arise.
  • Advice Skills Academy Link Staff to submit regular updates and documentary evidence to comply with ESF reporting requirements.


Individual staff should establish a habit of regular self-reflective practice, recording their thoughts on Planning Template 4.

Go to the Learning Plan Templates page to download Planning Template 4

Advice Skills Academy Link Staff can contact the project team at for any queries about ESF reporting requirements.