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This infographic looks at the range of skills that we’ll all need in 2020 – not that far away now – as the world of work is changing, with people living longer, technology changing at a rapid pace, and an increasing need to be globally connected.

Ranging from social intelligence, to sense making, adaptability, and new media literacy – this infographic summarises the most important areas that people should be thinking about, and learning new skills in for 2020 and beyond.

70:20:10 is a learning and development model that was developed in the 1980’s that illustrates how people tend to learn:

70 – experiential learning – where skills are learned on-the-job, during day to day work
20 – social learning – where skills are learned through interaction and collaboration with others
10 – formal learning – where skills and knowledge are learned through training courses (face-to-face and online)

According to a recent report, businesses that use 70:20:10 are 4 times more likely to report that their staff are able to respond faster to business change, and 3 times more likely to report improvements in staff motivation.

Advice Skills Academy has been promoting a 70:20:10 approach to learning, through opportunities to learn about mentoring and Action Learning Sets (social learning); as well as through accredited and non-accredited training courses (formal learning).

Click here for some ideas on how to develop your learning in other ways – have a look at the ‘Practical examples of 70 20 10’ document here

The practical examples can help you to start thinking more about when, how and what ways you can learn in your day to day.

This free online bitesize book on Positive Mindset shows you ways that you can positively manage your mindset, including information on how your mindset influences your life, how to avoid being rigid and fixed in your thinking, and how to expand your mind to be receptive to learning new things.

Easy to read – you can read it in one go in about 10-15 minutes, or you can read it bit by bit when you’ve got time, and with 10 top tips to help you positively choose your mindset, this Bitesize book is perfect reading for busy people.

The free Bitesize book has been developed by Learning Architect.  The Learning Architect is an organisation that provides learning and development workshops and courses on 4 main themes of Resilience, Agility, Wellbeing and Life Skills. As part of their services, they have created a free to use Lifeskills Library, made up of online Bitesize Books, Podcasts, Videos, and web-based information on a range of topics, including Resilience, Mental Health, Burnout, Positive Mindset, Behavioural Agility, Curiosity, and Creativity.

To access this and other free Bitesize books online visit the Learning Architect website:

Open Learn has a wide range of courses that are free to do. From introductory courses, to intermediate and even advanced courses, Open Learn is an exciting way to help you keep learning all year round.

You can choose from courses on how teams work, managing, making speeches, planning projects, creativity and innovation, psychology, politics, learning a language, history, the arts, getting started with online learning, and much, much more.

Click for a full list of the free courses

Or why not check out these courses:

Difference and challenge in teams
Facilitating group discussions
The importance of interpersonal skills
Understanding management: I’m managing thank you!

For the start of a new year, we’re focusing on another of the 7 essential soft skills – this time it’s optimism.

Optimism is less about positive thinking than it is about positive action. Increasing your level of optimism can help to increase your resilience, and proactivity.

For a range of factsheets around being more optimistic, including an Optimism Health Checker, TED Talks, and a complete TED playlist ‘Charming talks for a boost on a bad day’ visit the Unimenta website.

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