Accredited Training: Leading & Motivating A Team Effectively

03/04/2019 all-day
Advice Skills Academy

Ideal for people who just want to learn more about leadership, including non-managers, new leaders or those who may want to move into a leadership role in the future, this unit will help learners understand:Developing Training Skills

  • The importance of an organisation’s vision, mission and strategy
  • How to develop team objectives, to help work towards the overall vision and strategy of the organisation
  • The role that effective communication plays in team working
  • The importance of motivation, and some motivational theories
  • How to give feedback on performance
  • How to provide support to team members
  • The importance of continuous development for the team and individual members


This unit will be delivered over two days, by The Learning Curve staff.

The assignment for this unit will focus on:

  • Describing an organisation, and a team within it, and the vision, mission and strategy of the organisation
  • Describing the role that a common sense of purpose plays in teams
  • Describing the importance of communication in establishing a common sense of purpose
  • Assessing your own communication skills
  • Describing the importance of a leader being able to motivate a team, as well as some ways that they may do this

Accredited qualification requirements / details:

Training days 2 days training
ILM unit number 8600-341
Credit value 2
ILM unit details – use qualification finder
Dates Session 1:  3rd April (day 1) & 9th April (day 2)

Session 2: 30th April (day 1) & 8th May (day 2)

Session 3: 14th May (day 1) & 6th June (day 2)

For information about pre-requisites for booking, download the Accredited Training Programme Booklet