The course provider offers entry level 3, level 1 & 2 mathematics. You can do different sized qualifications at each level, depending on your learning needs. Course should be free for most.

Maths Functional Skills L1/2

This course will help you develop confidence in maths and skills such as working with money, fractions, decimals and percentages. This is a national qualification which will help you progress onto GCSE. An assessment is needed before you take this course.

Maths GCSE Foundation level

A foundation level GCSE course for maths. This course is for anyone with a good standard of Maths at Level 2. Completion of “Getting Ready for GCSE” is strongly recommended before starting.

Maths Levels 1 and 2

These are courses designed to help learners learn new skills and gain a qualification through City and Guilds. An initial assessment is required to select the correct entry level.

Move on Maths

Improve your maths skills for everyday life and work and gain a qualification as you prepare for the next level. Entry level 3/ Level 1 Functional Skills. An assessment is needed before you to take this course.