Introducing a framework for strategy

This course will help you to develop an understanding of strategic decision making frameworks and an ability to use them imaginatively which will help your organisation survive in the longer-term and perform its role more effectively.

Making decisions

This course will help you understand some of the processes involved in decision making. Attention to the psychology of decision making and the social context in which decisions are made can improve your understanding of others and yourself.

Planning for change

The aim of this pack is to help managers think strategically and increase their understanding and skills in planning their bureau’s development.

Strategic view of performance

This course looks at looks at three different approaches to strategy before analysing the direction that strategic management may take now that it has become an accumulation of small tactical decisions rather than a top-down process.

Technology, innovation and management

This course will provide you with an overview and introduction to a range of related concepts, ideas and debates. It adopts a broad definition of innovation and subscribes to the view that a fundamental feature of any innovation process is that it results in gaining value.