Emma Cook – CEO RAISE

I always believed that we should be constantly learning, every day is a school day as they say.  I have definitely put that theory into practice.  I undertook two degrees over five years and completed a counselling course whilst working full time.  I am not afraid of learning, it fascinated me how much we can process depending on how we learn and what interests us.

When I heard about the Advice Skills Academy project I was very keen for RAISE to be involved.  We joined in the early part of 2018 and I was keen to redefine my mind-set on training v’s learning.  I also wanted to better understand how our organisation can learn in a more cost effective way.  Our training budget is not significant and I want to ensure we are spending it wisely. Having had the ASA initial presentation I was very interested in the 70:20:10 model of learning and I wanted to understand the principles better.  All this has reinvigorated my zest for learning and I have been on a ‘learning’ spree so to speak. Therefore, I am going to list the websites that have really taken my fancy and hope that you will take the time to have a look and get something out of them too.

I came across some free eLearning from this website when considering our safeguarding policies, and some of the learning is very interesting as well as useful.  The site has eLearning on GDPR, CSE and FGM. The sessions are great for raising awareness within our staff and volunteer teams.


I came across a website with free infograph templates which have really helped me to design some poster and leaflets for RAISE as well as presenting some statistical data in a more up to date format.


For those that want to use statistical data and aren’t the best at presenting it, there is a Microsoft application called PowerBI that you can use to import your data and it helps you present the data info graphs on a dashboard.  It needs a little time to get your head around how it works, but then it’s very easy once you do.


Lastly, I did want to talk about how useful I have found the ‘Alchemy Assistant’ website.  The managers/team leaders from ASA partner organisations have had access to Alchemy Assistant, and I recently read an article on ‘redundancy survivors’ – it was a really interesting read.