Brian Gouldson – CEO Citizens Advice Knowsley

As with most people, I am often on the lookout for additional learning and development to either improve my performance in my current role, or to develop skills which would help to open up new opportunities.

Having previously studied for qualifications in Project Management and Voluntary Sector Management, I’ve found theoretical learning to be of great value, in particular having knowledge of different theories on things like leadership, strategic business planning, governance, change management, and financial planning.

But, I’ve found it more difficult to access practical bitesize learning, in particular navigating the countless wide-range of online resources, to find ones that have quality and trusted information.

What I have found, and what I can recommend, is my usual ‘go to’ resource on a variety of subjects, Knowhow Nonprofit –

Knowhow Nonprofit provides brief guides on a wide range of subjects and, in particular, areas where you would not consider seeking specific training courses.  These guides are written and edited by people working in the sector, and often come from the actual experience of putting plans into action.